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20-08-2008 From Beijing!!!

Big thanks for support to all!
And I congratulate all our girls for all our pedestal!!!


I promise to write about our live of last 2 weeks in one of these days!

Video from Olympic party

Embrace all,

10-05-2008 From Rome
Hello everyone!
Congratulations all cause Den Pobedy (9 May - holiday). Especially all of war veterans!!!!
It really significant day in Russia’s history! And I am not was on the parade all time ago.:( I wanted to go to the parade yesterday but I needed to practice and not miss the airplane…So… Now I am in Rome. I am lying in the my hotel room and trying to connect to the internet to reed last news and to write promise words in my diary.
Thank you very much cause your congratulations! Prague turned out lucky city for me… and also very beautiful… I was first time in Czech Republic. Unfortunately, many of places I m not saw, only after semifinal I could to walk half an hour in the city… and all other days I spend as usual between hotel and courts.
After Prague I arrived at home on 4 days and yesterday I flew in Rome. I planed to miss Berlin at the beginning… So… I had many matches last weeks and I needed a rest… Even couple days in Moscow is not enough… but nothing bad, I hope after clay season I will able to rest more!
Also I want to remember about Fed cup in Moscow! Very pleasant was in the team again, especially when we had such a good supporting on our stadium! Even my coach (Frenchman) dressed red Russian suit Bosko and sreamed “davai”  So the atmosphere was great especially after singles tournaments :)))
But so… I need to go to the dinner… Tomorrow at the 8 o’clock I will go to the training with Vera Dushevina, and on Monday already will the tough match against Sugiyama!!!
All kisses,

04-04-2008 From Miami

Hello everyone!!!
Now as you maybe know I am staying in Miami … I returned to my hotel room after my semifinal match against Jankovic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t offer any big resistance today, I could understand too later what I need do , and as result I lost.
Now time is half past midnight and I must compel myself to go to bed though at once to sleep after these matches is very hard.
Tomorrow probably I ‘ll go to Tampa, where I ‘ll spend next week cause I won’t play in Amelia Island (I have a little pain in my leg) and I have a plan to play on the tournament in Charleston.
So, last three weeks was very tough.

After tournament in Doha I was staying on the couple of days in Moscow and at once I was go on the tournament in India. I was here first time and so I had a big interest to play that tournament. From this place I flew at once to California on the tournament in Indian Wells and later to Miami. So I have a flights of the month very much… But I have yet one tournament in America and after this I ‘ll return at once with a big pleasure to my home in Moscow, where i hope the weather will good :)
So I ‘ll go to bed and I ‘ll gather my things tomorrow and I ‘ll can to admit my flight to Tampa.:)
See you,
Embrace all,


27-02-2008 At home again!
Hello everyone!
First of all I want to congratulate all of the russian men on last Day of Defender of Fatherland and to wish lucky them in such uneasy action – to defence of the Native land.
Now I am already in Moscow, I trying to rest of tennis though couple of days after fight week in Qatar. Really… I’m not expectув ща myself that I could to play 10 matches in 7 days… but it’s very nice, it’s my first tournament for a very long time, where I could act in singles and doubles and not to retired because the injury.

Even physically I could stand all good, in spite of my not totally treating injury of shank. And my wrist stranded such a work. I want to say thanks to my doctor Bogdanov and all of the doctors and physiotherapists in Dispenser №1 for the help. Hope in a future injures will be less.
The tournament was tough, but I’m a glad that I improved my play from match to match.
Unfortunately, I played in the final not successfully, but I tried how I can. So I’ll have to training much, and I will doing it.
Thank you for your support in guestbook, many pleasant words you sent me… Very nice :)
Probably my next tournament will be Bangalor (India)… I heard about this country very much, but i never was there... So it will be interesting..... The main thing is need to be accurater with water and meal!!!:) and many of us always sick there!!!

See you next time,
Embrace you,


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