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28-12-2006 Back in Auckland

Hi again!

I\\\\`ve arrived to New Zealand yesterday. It was a long flight but I slept for a little while, so it wasn\\\\`t too bad.

Sam and Meilen were on the same flight and Sam\\\\`s bag didnt come, but luckily he received it today. Otherwise he had nothing to wear :) By the time I got to the hotel it was 9am. I relaxed a little bit and went to the courts.

When I got there it started raining, so we went indoors. I ran and did few exercise and streched. I hit few balls, but only just for 10 minutes, just to loosen up after my flight and not to get injured. So last night I slept like 12 hours straight and I was feeling pretty good this morning.

I played twice today. It was a little windy, but its normal for New zealand. Its nice to be back in Auckland, I like it here. Now its time for me to read my book :)

See you later,
21-12-2006 Last week in Tampa

Hey everyone, hope all is well and you getting ready Christmas and New Year\\\\\\\\`s Holidays. :)

Now is Thursday morning for me and Ill be getting ready to practice in a little while. I\\\\\\\\`ve been playing more games and points in the last few days. It weas to catch my rythm in the begining, but I think I\\\\\\\\`m hitting the ball much better now. Also I had a little foot problem, so I wasnt able to play to much. But I think its getting better now and hopefully it will go away by the time I go to Auckland. I also been trying different strings, so that it will help me with my wrists. And it also been pretty windy here, especially in the afternoons! But I also was trying to practice on the Rebound Ace (the surface that they have in Australia), they have one court like this here.

Mardy Fish, James Blake and Andy Roddick been practicing here for the last few days as well. Its fun to watch them play different games!!! I can\\\\\\\\`t believe that I\\\\\\\\`m going to New Zealan in just 3 days(Im leaving early morning on Monday). Time here went so fast! But I\\\\\\\\`m looking forward for it, I like New Zealand!

13-12-2006 Shopping and first games

Hello again :)

Its Tuesday today and I played my first games today since I started practicing. I didnt play well...I mean I didnt play point weel, it felt really weird. I was hitting my shots but couldnt see the ball on time or would get really unpatient. But i did few things good and I think Ill get better at points if I keep trying :)

But...I also forgot to tell you about my weekend...I had to do some shopping and it was great, but the mall was packed with so many people, that I got tired waiting in lines... I didnt know what to get for my friends...so it took me a while to go around all the stores and choose something! but I did it! Acyually, last minute, on my way out I got 2 presents, i was so happy, cause I didnt wanna go shopping again! And yesterday me and Meilen we went to see a physio and on the way back we all (Sam, Meilen, Frank-hitting partner and I) stopped by the Cheesecake Factory and grabbed a nice dinner! It is one of our favourite places to eat in the States...

Ohhh, since I started talking about the food, I started getting hungry...Ill go grab something to eat!!! :)

See u later :)

07-12-2006 Second week

Hello again!

Its Wednesday evening today and I had 3 not easy days since I spoke to you last time. I did some fitness every day and played tennis on Monday and Tuesday...no tennis today. my coach decided to give me an easier day, so had some time to think about what kind of presents I\\`m going to get for my friends for the upcoming holidays. I got couple of them, but I think I\\`ll have to do much more shopping on the weekend...:)

I hope that the mall is not gonna be to busy, cause normally there is so many people shopping for the upcoming holidays! Also my wrists weren\\`t 100 % and it was good I took a day off today...it feels better now. So tomorrow and on Friday ill have another busy days with both - fitness and tennis.

I feel like I\\`m starting to get my groove on the court again. So im looking forward for my tennis session tomorrow, hope the weather stays nice and I can also get some tan :)

See u soon again,
Bye bye,

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