ME & Rett Syndrome

In 2008, Vera first found out about Rett Syndrome through a friend whose daughter suffered from the debilitating disease. As a lover of children, the story of the young girl’s life and her hardships directed Vera to learn more about the disease and how she might help.

“After I first learned about Rett Syndrome and witnessed the disease first hand, I knew I wanted to find out more and discover ways that I might help find a cure. These young girls and women may be limited physically but they still shine. You can see it in their eyes.” – Vera Zvonareva.


At the moment Vera is working with her sponsors as well as the International Rett Syndrome Foundation and Rett Syndrome Europe to find ways to increase awareness and to raise funds for research. Tennis equipment company GAMMA, whose strings Vera is using, made a special racquet bag for her with the Rett Syndrome Foundation logo on it. Vera is walking out on the court to play her matches with this bag all the time. Currently, there is not a clear cure for the disease that attacks one out of every 1,500 girls. To find out more about Rett Syndrome and ways you too can help please visit


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