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Carlos (Buenos Aires) 30-11-2006   17:13
Good luck for the next year!
Aeilko (Groningen) 30-11-2006   11:26
I too like the idea of a diary Vera! So, when you decide to continue with it, that would be great.

By the way: I heard some time ago on the Dutch news that dogs are becoming quite a problem in Moscow. Is that true?

Wishing you all the best for the trainins!
Robert (Vienna) 30-11-2006   09:21
Writing a diary here is a wonderful idea! Thanks for taking the time and the effort to do so. Itґs great to hear from you regularly what about what youґve been up to lately and it would be great if you would be able to continue with it during the season everytime youґve got time for it and have something to tell us.
Good to hear that you fully enjoyed your time off at home, keeping in mind that youґre living in hotel rooms most of the year itґs obvious that some time at home in your new flat is really great for relaxing.
Have a good training-start and Iґm looking forward to your next diary-entry.
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 30-11-2006   07:12
Nice to read your comments in your diary, Vera. I hope you can keep it going. How about posting a picture of you with your cat?

Are you going to either Memphis or San Diego next year? Preferably both?

Have a Merry Christmas and good luck in Auckland!!
Malcolm (Phoenix, AZ) 30-11-2006   06:21
The diary is an excellent addition to the website, and it is great that you are writing in English also. We love to hear what yu are doing.

I`d be interested to hear your thoughts on the decision to allow coaching during Tier 1 and II matches this year. Good or bad? How does it affect you?

Dimon (Москва) 30-11-2006   01:53
Вера !! Это просто замечательная идея - сделать на этом сайте дневник !! Спасибо... Ужасно интересно.
Просим тебя обязательно продолжать и в течение сезона !!
Спасибо огромное
Andrew Broad (England) 30-11-2006   00:02
Vera, I really appreciate you making the effort to write a diary. It would be so cool if you could keep it going once the 2007 season gets underway; I`d be really interested to read your impressions of each match.

Enjoy your off-season!
wallace (Good old Germany) 29-11-2006   23:54
I agree Nick it is great idea. Thanks for the blog Vera. Hope to read more in future. We want to know everything! Just kidding
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 29-11-2006   22:19
Hi Vera

Your blog is very nice , i will print evrey page from your blog for my Vera-Collection
It`s Very sweet to read it
Nick (England) 29-11-2006   21:15
That blog is a fantastic idea, Vera. Please do carry on with it throughout next season and whenever you get a chance to write something, please do.

Its fantastic to read about the life of your favourite player and its even more appreciated that you have chosen to write it in English, which im sure can be challenging for you at times, with it not being your first language.

I will look forward to reading more of what you have to say.
Nick (England) 29-11-2006   10:28
Vera (Tampa)
Ok, you have a think about which singles match stands out as your favourite performance!

Which match had you walking off the court thinking "Yeah, im pretty damn good at tennis!

Thanks for taking your time to reply, anyway!
Vera (Tampa) 29-11-2006   00:41
DJ (Milw)
Thank you :)
Kevin (Northeim , Germany)

Fabian (Freiburg,Germany)
Thanks. I havent really got the chance to get to know Venus, but she seems like a nice person.

Sebastian (Bonn, Germany)
Im not sure about berlin, cause the tournament is very difficult for me. Its always cold, courts r wt and balls r heavy. I dont think my wrist can handle that.
Кум (Москва)
Na tyrnirah bolshogo Shlema konechno hochetsya vystypat ochen horosho vo vseh razradah... esli proigrayu v pare ili mixte v pervyh krugah nichego strashnogo, no esli yj proidy pary krugov, to vykladyvayus po polnoi... A vybirayu partnerov vo osnovnom iz teh s kem bolshe obshayus ili s kem prosto hotelos by sygrat ili prosto s tem y kogo nety parthera tak je kak i y menya :)
Vera (Tampa) 29-11-2006   00:28
wallace (Good old Germany)
Thank you :)
Alex (Esslingen)
You can send me your address and Ill try to get it to you. You can also send all requests to my agency: 5335 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 850, Washington DC 20015,USA

Nick (England)
I have to think about it, cause i do like few matches for sure :)
Ал Forumnoj (Москва)
Ya planiruyu sygrat Auckland, Sydney, AUS Open i Tokyo - to pervye moi 4 tyrnira
Кум (Москва) 28-11-2006   03:28
Вера насколько серьезно ты относишься к парному разряду и к миксту? Как выбираешь партнеров? От кого было самое неожиданное предложение сыграть парный(или микст) разряд?
Заранее спасибо) удачи и успеха во всем)
Sebastian (Bonn, Germany) 26-11-2006   21:47
Hey Vera :)

I hope you are enjoying yourself at the moment, you deserve to, it was really an up-and-down-year with a happy ending : two singles titles and two Grand Slam titles!! I hope you continue to play mixed with Andy Ram, very enjoyable to watch!

So you start in Auckland next year, very strong Tier IV tournament! Do you already know if you will come to Berlin next year again, I was there this year and saw you against Dulko.

One thing that interests me... do you think about the Olympic Games or not at all? You could do very well in singles as well as in doubles (although I think the chance to play in doubles for Russia is higher)

Fabian (Freiburg,Germany) 23-11-2006   21:43
Hey Vera, all the best in 2007 and enjoy your weeks now!

You are with Venus Williams my absolut favourite, so I have the question what is your opinion about her? :-)

And do u know if the tournament-people from Linz and Hasselt gave Fanmails to the players?

Thank you!

All the best, Fabi!
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 23-11-2006   11:01
Hi Vera,

It was so nice that you answerd me ;-)
One word is better than nothing, i can not write words russian but I worked on it - only for you
DJ (Milw) 23-11-2006   01:18
Good luck in `07 Vera and Happy Holidays!
Ал Forumnoj (Москва) 20-11-2006   17:35
Вера, добрый день!
Не подскажете своим поклонникам (не только мне) какие турниры у Вас запланированы на начало года, в частности до АО?
Nick (England) 20-11-2006   15:26
Hi Vera, i posted this question a little way down the page and im hoping you just missed it.

In your opinion which SINGLES match stands out in your mind as the best match youve ever played?

I have my ideas and i think the match with Clijsters the other week was right up there and i`d also mention the Capriati match in 2004 when you totally blew her off the court. But which match stands out for you?

Im not going to ask you which was your best doubles performance cause i think thats an easy one, Wimbledon 2006!

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