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Анна (Москва) 11-08-2006   18:33
Вера,добрый день!
Можно договориться с вами об интервью?Естественно по телефону или по почте-я пришлю вопросы
Aeilko (Groningen) 09-08-2006   19:40
Hi Vera,

I think you are a wonderful and lovely tennisplayer! I would like to wish you all the best for the US-open! I have one question. Would it be possible somehow to get a picture of you?
Nick (England) 08-08-2006   12:56
Hi Vera,
We really hope you can play at least one tournament before the US Open. I know you dont need telling how important it is to get a seeding at the Grand Slams.

Youve had nightmare draws, so far, you must be tempted to push for that seeding, now that your 33rd in the rankings.

Obviously, the injury comes first and if you arent fit, then you cant play. It would just be great to see you get a seeding cause theirs no doubt whatsoever that your a far better player than alot of the players around you.
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 08-08-2006   11:28
Hi Vera,
Are you back in San Diego again?
Have you ever been to the Pomegranate restaurant there?

Good luck in NY if I don`t see you before then.
Vera (San Diego) 08-08-2006   08:11
Vera (San Diego) 08-08-2006   08:11
Sam Kramer: Im not sure at the moment.
Vera (San Diego) 08-08-2006   08:10
Dimon: Ya poprobuyu sigrat chto-nibyd pered Us Open, ili Montreal ili New Haven
Vera (San Diego) 08-08-2006   08:08
Privet vsem. Dimmm: Ona mne v detstve ochen nravilas :)
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 07-08-2006   21:51
Vera, I hope your wrist is recovering quickly and well.
Are you going to enter the Pilot Pen?
Dimon (Moscow) 07-08-2006   21:40
Верочка, привет !! А скажи, какой турнир у тебя следующий ? Ты будешь где-нибудь выступать до ЮС Оупен ??
Nick (England) 07-08-2006   03:23
Hope you wont be out injured for long Vera, your playing some great tennis right now, its great to have you back to somewhere like your best again.

Oh, and lets hope we get abit more luck with the draw at the US Open, Hingis in Australia.......Safina at the French.....Clijsters at Wimbledon......Federer at the US Open???? REALLY wouldnt surprise me!
Dimmm (Moscow) 05-08-2006   13:55
Веруньчик, а правда, что одна из любимых твоих спортсменок Маша Бутырская? И почему?
Vera (San Diego) 05-08-2006   08:11
Wallace: Thanx
Vera (San Diego) 05-08-2006   08:10
Dylan: Hey
Vera (San Diego) 05-08-2006   08:08
Vsem privet! Kym: ya by s ydovolstviem sdelala etot sait oficialnym...
wallace (Near Dortmund) 04-08-2006   21:44
I heard you withdrew from LA. I think it is a good decision and i wish you a good recovery. Sorry for my bad englisch. It sounds strange.
Dylan (USA) 04-08-2006   20:25
ummm it says somthing in
Heal quickly Vera
Nick (England) 04-08-2006   14:18
Oh, can someone please translate what Vera says their please?

Were all a little concerned about the wrist Vera, can you tell us whether its serious or not?
Кум (Москва) 04-08-2006   12:36
Vera (San Diego)
прости, что может лезу не в свое дело, а тебе не хотелось придать этому сайту новый уровень, например, дать админам добро, на то, чтоб он стал "Официальным сайтом Веры Звонаревой"? ты здесь появляешься часто, сайт классный (согласись)... А?
Vera (San Diego) 04-08-2006   09:06
Vsem Privet iz San Diego. Lerka privet, rada tebya slishat, kak y tebya dela? Ya videla tvoi sait, ochen horoshiy :) Pape tozhe ot menya privet :)

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