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Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 09-10-2006   22:36
Hi Vera,

Great win over Vera 2.
I see your match on eurosport and i enjoy every second

I hope you can beat Svetlana, i think Kuzzi is tierd from the stuttgart tournament
Nick (England) 09-10-2006   19:43
Good opening win Vera, Dushevina seems to be a tricky opponent for you so to see you come through 3 & 2 is great!

Bring on Sveta!
Red Baron (London) 09-10-2006   14:09
Good luck in Moscow, Vera. I know this tournament means a lot in front of your home fans. Another tough draw for you if you beat Vera, but I`m confident you can beat anyone on your day and send you very best wishes from England
Aeilko (Groningen) 09-10-2006   12:52
My best wishes for this tournament Vera! It must be nice to play in the city you live in.
Robert (Vienna, Austria) 09-10-2006   09:55
Good luck for your home tournament, Vera. Itґs a hard draw, but I hope, youґll be able to show great tennis in front of your home-crowd.
Malcolm (Phoenix, AZ) 09-10-2006   03:23
If you are not a seed in a tournament like this, the draw doesn`t matter. You are going to meet a top seed in round 2.

Anyway, I feel Vera has been training hard for this and should be rested and ready. She can beat anyonme when she plays well. I feel good about this tournament.

Give it your best, Vera.
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 08-10-2006   16:03
You are our #1 Vera. Good luck in the Kremlin Cup! It`s a strong draw, but nothing that you can`t handle. You can do it!! I wish I could be there.

Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 07-10-2006   18:42
Hi Vera


The Draw is very bad but i know you are strong enough to beat Vera 2
Malcolm (Phoenix, AZ) 07-10-2006   07:43

Good luck in Kremlin Cup. You have the ability to win it all. Go for it.
Oscar (LIMA) 06-10-2006   21:27
Good luck Vera in the Kremlin Cup in Moscow
Oscar (LIMA) 02-10-2006   02:48
Hi Vera, I want have your e-mail, seems a cool player

And moreover the most beautiful
Ал Forumnoj (Москва) 30-09-2006   10:06
Дорогая Вера!
Поздравляю с именинами!
Желаю всегда получать удовольствие от жизни и от игры, а особенно сегодня

Желаю не расстраиваться, если что-то не получается. Помните, полное совершенство не достижимо, особенно в теннисе
Oscar (LIMA) 30-09-2006   04:33
Vera you are the beautiful woman that I` ve seen.

Good luck in the future tournaments
chad (phoenix) 29-09-2006   19:37
May the Lord God bless the beautiful Vera in
all her walks of life!
Nick (England) 29-09-2006   15:47
Sorry, but their out the doubles too now!

Hard luck Vera, Danilidou is a very frustrating players. Shes either good or rubbish, i guess today was just one of her good days!
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 29-09-2006   10:37

Good luck with Vera 2 in doubles

Zvonareva/Douchevina win this tournament - i hope so!!
Red Baron (London) 28-09-2006   14:36
Keep on winning in this tournament Vera - great start The draw looks good for you. This is certainly a competition you can go all the way in
malcolm (LONDON england) 27-09-2006   16:52
Well done Vera today on your win. cska moscow won 1-0 last night
Aeilko (Groningen) 27-09-2006   11:14
Hi Vera! Way to go I think this is a great chance to improve upon your 2006 record!
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 27-09-2006   10:58
Hi Vera , Hi Vera Fans ;-)

VERA winns 6-4 6-0 over Emma Laine
I`m very happy!!!

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