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Muetzedesgrauens (Frankfurt/Main) 24-10-2006   14:53
Hi Vera,i Like to listen to you speaking russian.Wonderful language. Hope next season you`ll be as succesfull as your compatriot Fedor Emelianenko.I just imagined how a child you and he had together would be like.A little bit of his submission skills,and you`ll beat them all.FEDOR REIGNS!Good luck in Linz.Alles Liebe von Muetzedesgruens.
Alex (Esslingen) 23-10-2006   23:48
Dear Vera,

I wish you good luck and much success for your 1st round match against Francesca Schiavone

Malcolm (Phoenix, AZ) 22-10-2006   05:43
Hi Vera,

Thank you very much for answering my previous message about how you prepare for matches. That was really nice of you and a very interesting answer.

Good luck in Linz. A lot of good players there so the draw won`t be easy, but we know you can win. Good luck.

Also, I think the guys have done a great job on this website, really like the photos and videos and the inter-action with yourself. Really cool.
Alex (Esslingen) 22-10-2006   01:51
Dear Vera,

I am a tall fan of you and have a great request to you. I would like very much an autograph card of you. Please can you give me your autograph address or telling me where I must write?

You really would give me a gigantic pleasure!

Thank you very much!!!

Please excuse my very bad English. Unfortunately I don`t know it better. I hope you can nevertheless understand me.

Good luck in Linz!!!
Nick (England) 20-10-2006   21:45
Hi Vera, good luck in Linz!

A quick question, after reading your comments to malcolm about you sometimes watching some of your matches on tape afterwards, and it got me thinking, if your ever watching a tape of you in a big match, like one of the Grand Slam finals, do you ever sit their thinking, "wow, thats me playing in a Grand Slam final, ON TV"

I know this is maybe more of a feeling you had when you first got on the WTA Tour and its more of a case of you being used to it now, but i was just curious to whether you ever do look at yourself and think "Ive been number 9 in the world, ive won 2 Grand Slams and ive been on TV all over the world, WOW"

I hope you understand what i mean by all that, i`d just be interested to know your thoughts on it.
Alik (Екатеринбург) 20-10-2006   20:49
Поздравляем Веру с поднятием на 27 строчку в рейтинге WTA
Вера, мы тебя любим, мы с тобой до конца!
Dimmm (Moscow) 20-10-2006   16:38
Веруньчик, ты оказалась самой "доступной" и самой приятной в общении из всех теннисисток на КК. Это ведь главное, оставайся же такой же!
И по возможности передавай привет из Москвы Франческе
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 20-10-2006   10:04
Vera, best wishes for a great run at Linz.
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 19-10-2006   22:14
Hi Vera,

I have send a fanpost-letter to linz for you
I hope the tournament director give you the letter

All the best for you in Linz, and i hope your wrist is ok!!!
Vera (HOME!!!) 19-10-2006   19:35
Maks-the-Great (Moscow)
Privetik Maks,
chto-to tebya ne vidno na saite, nadeyus ty ne yshel v zapoi :)
Vera (HOME!!!) 19-10-2006   19:33
Hi Everyone, hope u r doing good:) I enjoyed couple days at home and going to Linz tomorrow morning.
Vsem privetik!
colin (luxembourg)
I`m not sure about my schedule for the next year. But I hope I can come to Luxembourg.

Malcolm (Phoenix, AZ)
1) The day of the much is usually just a 40 minute warm-up and maybe couple minutes to spend to work on few things ill need to use in that particulkar match.
2)Sure I do relax, I just love to lay on my sofa and watch Lost or Grey`s Anatomy at night or on my day off
3) I dont watch the videos, but I can a watch a match a little bit if time is ok for me. My coach usually watches and then we just discuss it before the match. Plus lots of the girls I know and would just need to find something special that helps me on that particular day. Cause all days and all matches are different.
5) I like to take 10-15 minutes just sitting in the silence with closed eyes before my matches. Just to relax and clear my head.
Alik (Екатеринбург)
Bolshoe spasibo Vam za podderjky :)
Юрий (Москва) 19-10-2006   18:12
Передаю привет от сестры, Виктории Звонаревой.)
Ariel (Milwaukee,USA) 17-10-2006   20:52
Hey Vera! Big fan! Big Fan!not as tennis crazy as my bro. but i still like it! u rock dudette! lol
colin (luxembourg) 17-10-2006   19:49
Hi Vera!
I`m JF, and I`m a sport journalist working for a luxemburger newapaper. Like every year, I`ve been working during the last week of september on the Fortis Championships, Tier II turnament. So I could talk and make interviews of your very cool colleagues Dementieva, Petrova, Safina... but, unfortunately, you weren`t there . I`m just looking forward making an interview of you, because you`re my favourite player, even if, as a journalist, I must be neutral in all circonstances... So, my question is: does it exist a possibility that we can see you in Luxembourg in 2007????
Hope so...
Good luck and have fun!!!
Katie (Birmingham,UK) 16-10-2006   14:50
Hi Vera, very nice to see your official website working nicely:)I really enjoy watching you play.I think you`ve had a good year,and you should be happy with your results!:)For those who are interested there are pictures up of Vera from Kremlin Cup, taken by a friend of mine,on my forum, in the WTA tournament section. Enjoy!
Malcolm (Phoenix, AZ) 14-10-2006   07:03
Unfortunately you lost today, but Nadia is playing probably the best tennis on the tour at the moment. Still, you had a good tournament, and hopefully you can continue to play well in Linz. Good luck.

I would be interested to know how you prepare for your matches, and if you prepare differently depending on who you play.
1. Do you practice much before the game? Work on specific parts of your game?
2. Do you relax and take it easy?
3. Do you watch videos of your next opponent to study her game?
4. If possible do you watch them play?
5. What else do you do to prepare?

Thank you.
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 13-10-2006   21:38
Hi Vera,

Bad luck today
Nadia is so strong at the moment, but you played a very good tournament.
I hope you play in Zrich and Linz.

Aeilko (Groningen) 13-10-2006   21:09
Hi Vera!

Well, at least your compatriot Kramnik has become World Champion Chess. To be honest the past weeks I was more interested in following that.

I want to wish you the best for the coming weeks! I think 2007 can become a better year for you!
chad (glendale, usa) 13-10-2006   19:06
Vera, may the Lord bless you in all walks of life!
Good luck in your career!
Nick (England) 13-10-2006   15:40
A real shame to lose!

But, on the bright side, you gave Kuznetsova a real lesson on how to play tennis!

Thats something to be proud of!

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