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carlo (trieste) 05-03-2015   13:42
Ciao Vera
you took a drubbing, the usal ups and downs.
Herb Mcclain (Martinsburg,WV) 04-03-2015   17:19
I wondered where you had gone and I didn`t know about your injuries. Glad to see you back on tour and hopefully back in the top 20 one day. Wishing you the best, Herb
CARLO (trieste) 04-03-2015   14:17
Ciao Vera
good match, a step at a time.
Carlo (Trieste) 28-02-2015   01:03
Ciao Vera
As goes in Monterrey? I hope everything is ok and the preparation and even better workouts, so that your physical and athletic is ready for the difficult matches that await you. We must star winning with continuity and hopefully the draw waiting in Mexico is gradually challenging
Hermoso beso
Scott (USA) 23-02-2015   02:54
Do you like auto racing like Maria? The 24 car did not do very well today at the end after having led the most laps. Maybe I will fare better in Miami. The circus comes to town once a year. Keep your mind and your body sharp!
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 21-02-2015   22:24
Hi Vera, next week Doha tournament. Still remember your victory 2011. You played amazing!

Just wanted to tell I love you and admire your ambition and dedication on and off the court.
Your eyes shine bright like diamonds in the sky...
Scott (Mine(s) of Choice) 20-02-2015   10:58
Sincerest of compliments on your comeback and recent successes. You are fine and always will be. Aces! 5 card Texas draw. Raise the stakes then down and dirty. My employer will repay me and hope for the best. It is their only option. And then do I become a volunteer firefighter or write articles for National Fire Command Magazine? You know me much better than you think you do. Adios Amigo.
Always Tour Friend,
Carlo (Trieste) 16-02-2015   17:16
Ciao Vera
You are not yet ready, you lose a lot if the match reaches out. In a month you will be ok. Not bad all things considered with Camila, you can`t be at his level now.
You avenge
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 14-02-2015   20:34
Hi Vera, wish you a belated happy Valentine`s day!
Unfortunately you didn`t make it to the final in Pattaya.
Hope you had a wonderful week at one of your favorite tournaments.
Good luck next time and stay healthy!
Carlo (Trieste) 14-02-2015   17:09
Ciao Vera
With Camila no!
I am very divided, does all her, wins or fights alone, a little like you.
Not at first round
Виталий (Москва) 14-02-2015   14:38
С Днём святого Валентина! Поздравляю я тебя Вера!
carlo (trieste) 13-02-2015   21:19
Ciao Vera
you are incredible , lose match now won.
no panic!
Елена (Москва) 26-01-2015   18:13
Дорогая Вера ! Ты, талантливая спортсменка и красивая девушка, но раз в год, 8 апреля, поздравляй свою бабушку Веру Степановну Звонареву с Днём Рождения, в честь которой тебя назвали. Удачи тебе во всём !
donnie baskette (richmond) 24-01-2015   02:19
Been watching you play. You look good at your game. Wish you all the best in 2015.
donnie baskette
Carlo (Trieste) 23-01-2015   00:01
Ciao Vera
Train speed groundstrokes, and keep away the opponent without forced errors. Patience, do not force. Too bad yesterday... and which tournament you play now?
Виталий (Москва) 22-01-2015   23:34
Высыпайся хорошо перед игрой! И играй на опережение и работай кистью руки хорошо и помогай себе корпусом и получай удовольствие от игры! Желаю тебе быть любимой и счастливой!!!!!
Виталий (Москва) 22-01-2015   20:31
Вера ты хорошо играла с Сереной! Твои мысли немного рассеяны в игре! Нужно хорошо выспаться перед играй! Нужен массаж и перед игрой и после игры! Хорошая разминка нужна тебе! Нужно комбинации нарабатывать разные! Что бы приемов у тебя больше было!
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 22-01-2015   07:44
Hello dear Vera,
first of all I wanna say that it was great to see you back playing on Rod Laver Arena. You`re certainly disappointed now, but you`ve lost against a great champion, though you played good first set. Take it as a new start after your long injury break. Never give up...
Jane (Adelaide) 22-01-2015   06:00
I really love watching Vera play. She has a great serve and forehand. Your a very smart lady with a university degree which is an outstanding effort considering your tennis commitment. I wish you all the success and happiness in the future.
Brett cochran (Loganville Georgia usa) 21-01-2015   17:03
Glad to see you playing again. Hope you win against Serena , best of luck for the remainder of the tournament

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