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Jane (Adelaide) 22-01-2015   06:00
I really love watching Vera play. She has a great serve and forehand. Your a very smart lady with a university degree which is an outstanding effort considering your tennis commitment. I wish you all the success and happiness in the future.
Brett cochran (Loganville Georgia usa) 21-01-2015   17:03
Glad to see you playing again. Hope you win against Serena , best of luck for the remainder of the tournament
MJ Beck (Tucson AZ USA) 20-01-2015   19:31
Hi Vera,

Long time fan! Glad to see you back on the court at Austrailian Open. Best of luck in 2015!

cheers, mj
Carlo (Trieste) 20-01-2015   14:27
Ciao Vera
Beat Serena and youngo in semifinals.
I am sure
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 19-01-2015   05:41
Hi Vera,
Back on Grand Slam... wish u good luck in Melbourne!
Have a great time and enjoy every moment, Power-woman!
voxmua (paris) 17-01-2015   16:04

Happy you are back.
yurka 15-01-2015   19:53
классная фотка из Мельбурна! Удачи, болеем за тебя!
Виталий (Москва) 10-01-2015   00:50
Вера с Рождеством Христовым поздравляю тебя! Все мы люди грешные, слабые и смертные! Не насилуй свой организм никогда! Будь мудра!
Yulia (Palm Beach Gardens) 09-01-2015   03:22
Vera! So happy to see competing again! Congratulations on two great wins. Sorry to see you retiring due to injury earlier today. Hopefully you`ll be ready to have a great run in Melbourne this year!

Best wishes from Florida,
FEL (Москва) 08-01-2015   20:41
Вера, может надо сделать МРТ поясничного раздела позвоночника - всё ли там в порядке??!!...
Dave (Crofton) 08-01-2015   17:19
It is a good start to the season, saw your 2nd round match. Hope you are okay despite your retiring in 1/4 finals.
Rick (Columbus) 07-01-2015   19:11
So proud of you, Vera! You look in great shape; keep it up! Best wishes for 2015!
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 07-01-2015   10:21
Tough match 2nd round, but through. Really hard work!
Strong moments in the second set to 2-4, also in the tie-breaker.
Very convinced at the end.
Keep fighting, Vera!
Carlo (Trieste) 05-01-2015   16:44
Ciao Vera
Felice per il tuo ritorno alla vittoria contro un`avversaria forte.
Very good, one step at a time.
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 05-01-2015   09:50
Congrats, great performance against Peng Shuai!
Saw the complete match. Enjoyed it very much!
You played very solid and focused all the time.
Go, Vera!
Carlo (Trieste) 04-01-2015   14:19
Ciao Vera

At last!
I can`t wait to see you on the tennis court.
Let`s go
Виталий (Москва) 02-01-2015   00:13
Вера с Новым годом тебя поздравляю! Здоровья тебе желаю и любви! Год был не простой! Этот год тоже будет не легче! Но нужно не терять себя! Нужно держаться! Что бы последнее не стало хуже первого, так сказать.
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 01-01-2015   03:41
Привет любимая вера!
С Новым годом!
Hope, found the right words in the Russian language

All the best for 2015 and stay healthy!
Love and peace all days

FEL (Москва) 28-12-2014   03:25
Вера - если играть - то атакуй!! - возьми своё в Шэньжэне!! С наступающим Новым Годом!! Здоровья, Счастья и Успеха!!!...
Scott (City of Angels) 25-12-2014   07:14
Wishing you your best Christmas ever Bepa!

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