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Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 29-11-2015   16:15
Hi Vera,
Wish you continue lots of energy and success for your activities for the World Congress in May next year in Kazan! Love and peace!
Scott (Laurys Station, PA(USA)) 26-11-2015   11:45
I hope you enjoy the holidays! I look forward to seeing you back in action if that is in the cards for next year. God Bless!
Светлана (Ставрополь) 19-11-2015   10:10
Здравствуйте Вера.
Мне очень тяжело и стыдно писать это письмо, но выхода не вижу. Я открыла небольшой магазин детской книги, но увы мамочки не очень хотят знакомить своих чад с творчеством Барто и Марша, Михалкова и Пушкина. Я оказалась в кредитной яме. Моим детям я много читала и думала таких много... Вера, если у Вас есть возможность помогите пожалуйста. Долг для меня очень большой 500 тыс. руб. Дети еще маленькие, жилье продать не могу, не могу выставить их на улицу. Заранее благодарю за любой ответ.
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Андрей (Москва) 28-09-2015   12:31
Вера, добрый день.
Я представляю портал "БИРЮЛЁВО ВОСТОЧНОЕ"(
Мы создали раздел “ Люди района”, в котором хотим рассказать об известных людях, связанных с районом Бирюлево Восточное.
Нам бы хотелось разместить в этом разделе информацию о Вас: фото, видео, Ваши победы и т. д.
Если Вас это заинтересовало, cвяжитесь с нами удобным для Вас способом.
С уважением,
Дмитрий (Москва) 25-09-2015   14:40
Здравствуйте, мы хотели бы пригласить Веру Игоревну, как промоутера ЮНЕСКО гендерного равенства, на концерт посвященный 70-летию ООН. Скажите, пожалуйста, куда можно направить факс приглашения и электронное приглашение.

С уважением,
+7 (495) 433-85-88
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 12-09-2015   22:30
New Web design - cool, I like it!

How`s your body feel - fit for tournaments?
Wish you continued good recovery!

Watching now the (Italian) USO women`s final.
Scott (Laurys Station, PA(United States)) 09-09-2015   06:43
Happy birthday Vera! I apologize to you for any inappropriate or distasteful comments I have made in your guestbook over a period of time. Unfortunately I cannot change the past. From this point forward all I can do is refrain from leaving anymore messages. I hope you accept my apology and to see you play in person remains a great aspiration of mine.
Владимир (Скадовск) 08-09-2015   10:22
Всё меняется. В этом году сайт стал похож на Бюро находок, куда по известной логике попадают бесхозные чувства. Но осталась память. Значит, с Днём рождения.
Тем временем внешне сайт полностью преобразился :) Администрация.
Виталий (Москва) 07-09-2015   20:58
Береги себя! Береги здоровье!
Виталий (Москва) 07-09-2015   20:57
Дорога Вера с Днём Рождения тебя поздравляю! Желаю крепкого здоровья! Желаю долгих лет жизни! Желаю счастья! Любви! Настроения отличного! Пусть всё будет хорошо! Пусть будет больше любви и добра! Трудового терпения желаю тебе!!!!!
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 07-09-2015   07:21
Dear Vera,

have a nice birthday... from heart the best wishes to you!
Luck and success for all what you do, especially with the Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Great persons can accomplish great things
Scott (Allentown, PA) 06-09-2015   04:04
I am listening to John Denver`s "Rocky Mountain High" as I text you. I may fish or tube the Colorado River and even attempt some big game hunting. Please inform everyone if you are not well or are considering abandoning tennis.
Always your friend,
P.S. My Allentown compatriot Varvara Lepchenko advanced to the Round of 16 at The U.S. Open earlier today.
Scott Clark (Lehigh valley, PA) 28-08-2015   05:32
I apologize to you as a fan of yours. Circumstances dictate that I cannot attend The U.S. Open after all. From the looks of things you will not be participating. Next year I will definitely attend Miami, Toronto or Cincinnati, and The U.S. Open. Hopefully all is well with you and you`ll be back in action by then!
Always your friend,
P.S. I have settled on a permanent destination of Denver, CO to reside, train, and further my education.
Rev James Miller (Site) 24-08-2015   03:57
The Father in heaven has two sons one of witch he is unaware.
Андрей (Москва) 14-08-2015   15:46
Здравствуйте, Вера. Люблю теннис, но больше нравитесь в жизни (интервью, пресс-конференции и т.п..).
Очень много страниц в контакте на вас. Вы по-настоящему там есть?
Ron (Cincinnati) 02-08-2015   06:49
Are you playing in Cincinnati this year ?
Scott (lehigh Valley, PA) 29-07-2015   10:07
Confirmation. I will attend The U.S. Open on 9/3/2015. I will secure my passage shortly. Hopefully you will participate! I know how much Gran Slams are a part of you. Please train or qualify properly if necessary. If an exemption is in order play your card! Best case scenario is that Maria will do the same.
Always your friend,
Scott (Laurys Station, PA(United States)) 25-07-2015   08:47
Are you competing at The U.S. Open? I am planning to attend on 9/3 or 9/8. I will await the draw to determine my best percentages of watching you. I am simply taking a bus tour so my seats at Arthur Ashe Stadium will be in the upper level. If you happen to play on an outer court I will be able to be much closer to the action. In the absence of your participation the odds are in my favor that I will be able to watch any combination of Andrea, Ana, Dominika, Maria, Maria, Petra, Eugenie, Victoria, Serena, or Sloane. Be well! Watching over you like a star from The Nativity!
Always your friend,
Chris Tippet (Portsmouth, England) 22-07-2015   16:51
Hi Vera,

My wife has been a fan of you and Maria since the late 1990s.
My wife looks very similar to Maria, but my wife is a mere 5 ft 10 inches tall.
Unfortunately my wife`s family has historically been afflicted by a genetic condition that has in her family often been the cause of a protracted decline in health from middle age.
My wife is wondering if either of you would be kind enough to consider donating one of your eggs so that a child she gives birth 2 will not be at risk of inheriting her family`s genetic disease.
I trust that neither of you will be offended or alarmed by such an unusual suggestion.
Chris Tippet.
Shannon Starkey-Taylor (Cincinnati, OH) 14-07-2015   22:34
Hi Vera,

Thanks for your support of Rett syndrome and our Foundation over the years. I am the COO of International Rett Syndrome Foundation(doing business as and would like to update you on what is happening at the Foundation and in the Rett community. What is the best way to reach you?

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