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Виталий (Москва) 31-10-2016   16:54
Вера, добрый день!
Если есть возможность помогите найти Владимира Алексеевича Богданова. Очень, очень давно были у него на приёме и остались очень довольны результатами его работы. Хотели бы обратиться к нему ещё раз, но не можем найти его новые контакты. С уважением, Бобров Виталий
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 13-10-2016   10:41
There is talk that Maria K. will return to the WTA. If the news is true I am elated. The return of Maria S. in the not to distant future is also encouraging. Maybe in the future you will consider the same. Rev John 6:15 & Rev John 8:14. SK I, II distbpov
Always your friend,
Виктор (Калининград) 09-10-2016   21:31
Доброго времени!

Разрешите Вам представиться - Меня зовут Виктор Иванов. Я спортивный агент и руководитель волейбольного агентства Volleytransfer (www.
Одним из направлений деятельности является универсальный спортивный проект для всех видов спорта, ориентированный на юридическую помощь профессиональным игрокам «”.
Меня и мою команду специалистов интересует возможность сотрудничества с Вами, использовать в рекламе нашего ресурса образ Вашего спортсмена и его рекомендации. Понимаем, что данная услуга является платной. В связи с чем просим Вас выслать свое предложение по сотрудничеству и соответственно ценовую политику.
Готов к сотрудничеству и жду от Вас заинтересованности!
Буду ждать Вашего ответа!
С Уважением Виктор Иванов!
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 31-08-2016   05:53
Congratulations on your marriage and family! Few things are more important than tennis but these are certainly two of them. We hope to hear more from you in the future.
P.S. I am pleased with the results after the 1st round of The U.S. Open.
Kamila (Rzeszów) 24-08-2016   08:46
pozdrawiam serdecznie. zycze milego dnia :)
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 01-08-2016   04:58
Hello Vera,
I continue to be a fan of Bepa the tennis player as well as the person. Even so your website maintenance has denied my 1 request. It is OK. Congrats to Simona! Like the rest of the players the more I see of her the more I like her. Surprisingly Eugenie did better than normal in her home tournament. Herself and the others participating in Rio will have little time to return home during the interim. The outcome is of little interest to me but I look forward to The U.S. Open. Stay Well! I will await any news or updates from you.
Always your friend,
P.S. I am wavering on relocating between SoCal, South Beach, Dallas, Denver, or Seattle. Until my finances are in order it is a mute point.
Анастасия (Москва) 18-07-2016   14:58
Добрый день, Вера Игоревна!

Меня зовут Анастасия, и я работаю в секретарём в приёмной Орджоникидзе Григория Эдуардовича - ответственного секретаря Комиссии РФ по делам ЮНЕСКО. На данный момент мне поручено обновить список контактной информации членов Комиссии, в которую Вы входите. Не могли бы Вы мне предоставить Ваш контактный телефон или телефон Вашего помощника, факс, e-mail адрес и почтовый адрес, на который мы могли бы присылать Вам письма. Буду весьма признательна за Вашу помощь!

С уважением,
Секретарь приёмной Комиссии Российско Федерации по делам ЮНЕСКО
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 15-06-2016   00:59
1 request Vera. Please erase all my previous messages from your guestbook. Spasibo!
FEL (Москва) 15-05-2016   22:57
Привет, Вера - давно не заходил, а сайт живёт и новый дизайн - всё прекрасно, только почему-то остаётся чувство какой-то недосказанности и не договорённости, некоторый материал не закончен хотя время прошло - и остаётся вопрос: а что же в настоящем и будущем??...
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 14-05-2016   22:52
Vera once again I am considering the Palm Springs area over Denver. Garbine lost today. Serena has been vulnerable in finals this year but may have regained her form. Yo Paulie! If you see your sister give her my best!
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 07-05-2016   11:49
Once again I have changed my mind. I will live, train, and further my education in Colorado. It will distance me from The WTA but I can still travel to select tournaments. There are a lot of new faces on tour that are playing well. Another fan of yours has moved as well. I`m sure you are well prepared for your conference. As I`m about to enter the verification code I`m listening to Melissa Manchester`s "Through The Eyes Of Love"(AKA "The Theme From Ice Castles"). Best regards!
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 05-05-2016   14:59
Hi Vera, next weekend starts the 7th World Congress in Kazan!
I wish success for all participants and interesting discussions.

Vera, I wish continued energy and joy at all what you`re doing. Maybe we see you again on TV on the tennis court - if not more as a player, then as a supervisor.
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 01-05-2016   10:05
It`s been a long time since any news from your corner of the world. Hopefully everything is working out OK. Together we are invincible. It is time to stand.
P.S. It`s funny how many people are infatuated with The Bourne Series, 24, & Alias. If I ever am infected with Hepatitis B it is reassuring to know I can reference your website for a possible cure without having to pay my coinsurance.
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 12-04-2016   11:02
I said hello enough tonight. As the world knows my demise could only be a concerted effort by The U.S. In return I would only ask for a fair hearing by The U.N. Goodnight!
P.S. I said too much I haven`t said enough. "Losing My Religion" REM.
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 12-04-2016   10:53
Hello Vera,
One last comment before I expand later in the week. I am not about money, vengeance, or deceit. I believe in truth, justice, and the future of impoverished individuals especially children.
P.S. I ran into Samantha Stosur two weeks ago and said nothing to her. Certainly Maria K. can relate to that. My silence except on your website is over.
Scott (Laurys Station, PA) 12-04-2016   10:27
Hello Vera,
At the top of the page of your Guestbook I cannot help but notice the beautiful women standing from the third to your left. I believe it is your compatriot Elena Dementieva who now resides in Monte Carlo. She was one of my favorites when I was 1st drawn into The WTA. Unfortunately she retired shortly thereafter. I am never sure if my entrances ever appear in your diary or if they get erased by any number of sources. Anyhow, my last attempt to reach out will be later in the week. I will expand on these thoughts considerably later this week. After that in accordance with my personal code I will never bother you again.
P.S. A pharmacist once said to me my life reminds her of the movie "Twelve Monkeys".
Scott (Lehigh Valley, PA) 27-03-2016   06:47
During your silence with few updates on your website I`ve maintained my respect for your thoughts and character which I understand with subliminal lucidity. Meanwhile my delegation and adversaries have started eliminating each other in Mi ami. Only Garbine remains. I`m also cheering for Naomi Osaka. She is young and could use the money. Trust me when I tell you that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a very limited understanding of the game of tennis. Their lack of knowledge will become evident soon enough.
Several months ago I stated my intention to move to Colorado. I`m leaning back in favor of my original plan to reside in La Quinta. Unfortunately online degrees are the only educational opportunity there. California has 4 NFL teams, 4 NBA teams, and 5 MLB franchises. I surmise that Los Angeles will host The Super Bowl at some point in the future. Each venue is more than 1 hour away from the Palm Springs area but would make for a nice weekend getaway. Keep calm and enjoy your Easter weekend with friends and family.
Always your friend,
Scott (Lehigh Valley, PA) 22-03-2016   06:12
I hoped you would try to qualify in Miami but you are not on the entrance list. Once again I will cheer for Ana, Andrea, Caroline G., Dominika, Eugenie, and Garbine. I will also root for Sloane who has played well this year.
Always your friend,
Scott (Lehigh Valley, PA) 17-03-2016   08:32
At this point in the tournament I cheer for Magdalena and Daria. My hat is off to the darling of the week Kurumi Nara. God bless all of them.
сергей семёнович звонарев (Воронеж) 22-02-2016   11:58
Вера ,давно не писал . Мои САМЫЕ добрые пожелания . Обустраивай свою личную жизнь . В жизни врагов больше, чем хочется видеть . Обнимаю . твой дядя,Звонарев Сергей Семёнович .

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