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сергей семёнович звонарев (воронеж) 01-07-2015   02:34
мой искренний привет.к сожалению не всегда удаётся попасть в инет.смотрю на фото и вижу точнейшую копию твоей бабушки(к сожалению по линии отца без хороших семейных воспоминаний) думаю моей и бабушкиной вины здесь нет.жена была весной в австрии на форуме врачей.с младшим сыном выписался из хосписа домой.29 06 исполнилось 16.(уже безнадёжен .необратимые в голове и спина.ДЦП)сколько Бог даст,не знаем ,но доходит(.ночь-год побудка через каждые полчаса).старший в сочи с женой и внучкой.отношения непростые.наградили медалью за спортивные достижения.(как ветерана ссср)слежу за твоими-нашими (фамильными успехами)держись.обнимаю.твой дядя(надеюсь что так) С.С.З
Scott (Lehigh Valley, PA) 27-06-2015   07:41
I`m disappointed to see that you nor Maria are competing this upcoming week. How is your health? Skyfall premiers on USA Network tomorrow. Being an Adele fan the theme song is 1 of my favorites. Your too young to consider retiring. Hope to see you back soon!
Thomas Loo (Malaysia) 23-06-2015   04:40
Hi Vera,

When are you returning to the WTA tours and likely which tournaments you will be playing in second half of 2025

Best regards
Chris Tippet (Portsmouth (England)) 14-06-2015   10:47
Hi Vera!

I`M UN~employed, a bit overweight, and `Looking For` a suitable employment opportunity!
Is anyone interested in helping to plan and organise, and perhaps participating in several of stages of a long distance European camping and cycling tour during July and August this summer?
Post event publicity could be useful for highlighting a number of potential social opportunities, particularly as a consequence of some potential Eurasian integration initiatives.
Simo L?ms? (Finland) 10-06-2015   20:57
Hello Vera! Greetings from Finland.Good luck for your next challenges! Vera,you are so sweet.
Гоша (Moscow) 02-06-2015   10:42
Верочка ,Скажите когда вновь будете выступать на турнирах,Спасибо большое.
Ждем ответа.
carlo (trieste) 18-05-2015   13:32
ciao Vera
When you think back to playing?
a bore this circuit Wta!!!!!
Escote (Pacific Northwest) 10-05-2015   09:21
Fantasies often turn into reality usually preceded by a nightmare. God places restrictions. You can only choose 1 fantasy. Choose wisely!
Always your friend,
Edward (Minocqua WI) 05-05-2015   04:52
Hi Vera, we stayed 2x at a condo at the racquet club in Scottsdale. It has your autographed picture on the wall. Since then my wife and I have admired your accomplishments. All the best to you during 2015 and beyond!
llagme (Grenoble 38100 France) 02-05-2015   18:33
Hi will you pla?e at Rolland this year ?
Juan Fernando Lago Tola (Moscow) 30-04-2015   16:20
Hello Vera, i?m in Mododievo aerootel in Moscow. send me someone to expand the visa. please. expire at 5 may. And go home . thank you. My room is 217. Waiting you mail. Kisses
Алексей (Москва) 29-04-2015   11:32
Вера желаю набрать тебе снова прежнюю форму и попасть в топ-30
Игорь (Москва) 29-04-2015   09:52
Вера! Добрый день!

Подскажите Ваш график выступлений, на грунте и траве.Спасибо!
Reto (Switzerland) 27-04-2015   19:52
Hi Vera

I am a fan too....i play tennis myselfes and i know how hard is to return in high level.
What is your next tournament and where?
I was in stuttgart and saw Maria and Ekaterina...great played....reto from zurich
J Molascon (Madison, South Dakota USA) 25-04-2015   19:10
I am a fan. Anyone interested too, please email me

Thank everyone.
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 18-04-2015   10:33
Hi Vera!
It`s Fed Cup time now...
Wish you good luck, but I cheer for our German Girls, sorry!
carlo (trieste) 08-04-2015   20:50
ciao Vera
i see you against Klara.
Yet slow and heavy in the movements, very fearful for the shoulder.
You need time
Soon you will return to high levels.
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 08-04-2015   17:52
Hi Vera!
What a pity! Katowice is over now, but Klara played really well today.
Some good backhands!
Good luck next time... keep my fingers crossed!
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 06-04-2015   18:05
Hi Vera!
Well done! Solid win 1r Katowice.
Good luck later in doubles!
Scott (Anonymous) 04-04-2015   09:36
Final decisions and cuts being made.

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