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Shannon Starkey-Taylor (Cincinnati, OH) 14-07-2015   22:34
Hi Vera,

Thanks for your support of Rett syndrome and our Foundation over the years. I am the COO of International Rett Syndrome Foundation(doing business as and would like to update you on what is happening at the Foundation and in the Rett community. What is the best way to reach you?
Chris Tippet (Portsmouth (England)) 08-07-2015   17:30
Hi Vera,
I`ve just bet all of what remains of my mother`s July `Old Age Pension` on Maria Sharapova beating Serina Williams in the Wimbledon semifinals.
Please tell Maria that if she fails to beat Serina, my 83 year old mother will have to survive on boiled potatoes until the end of the month.
Alternatively, if Maria can raise her game to win, my poor old mother will have enough money to afford a pub lunch every day until the end of August.
сергей семёнович звонарев (воронеж) 01-07-2015   03:06
моё фото поиск- т613тт36 я и мой "жужик" который сейчас на пмж в москве 2008-9г
сергей семёнович звонарев (воронеж) 01-07-2015   02:34
мой искренний привет.к сожалению не всегда удаётся попасть в инет.смотрю на фото и вижу точнейшую копию твоей бабушки(к сожалению по линии отца без хороших семейных воспоминаний) думаю моей и бабушкиной вины здесь нет.жена была весной в австрии на форуме врачей.с младшим сыном выписался из хосписа домой.29 06 исполнилось 16.(уже безнадёжен .необратимые в голове и спина.ДЦП)сколько Бог даст,не знаем ,но доходит(.ночь-год побудка через каждые полчаса).старший в сочи с женой и внучкой.отношения непростые.наградили медалью за спортивные достижения.(как ветерана ссср)слежу за твоими-нашими (фамильными успехами)держись.обнимаю.твой дядя(надеюсь что так) С.С.З
Scott (Lehigh Valley, PA) 27-06-2015   07:41
I`m disappointed to see that you nor Maria are competing this upcoming week. How is your health? Skyfall premiers on USA Network tomorrow. Being an Adele fan the theme song is 1 of my favorites. Your too young to consider retiring. Hope to see you back soon!
Thomas Loo (Malaysia) 23-06-2015   04:40
Hi Vera,

When are you returning to the WTA tours and likely which tournaments you will be playing in second half of 2025

Best regards
Chris Tippet (Portsmouth (England)) 14-06-2015   10:47
Hi Vera!

I`M UN~employed, a bit overweight, and `Looking For` a suitable employment opportunity!
Is anyone interested in helping to plan and organise, and perhaps participating in several of stages of a long distance European camping and cycling tour during July and August this summer?
Post event publicity could be useful for highlighting a number of potential social opportunities, particularly as a consequence of some potential Eurasian integration initiatives.
Simo L?ms? (Finland) 10-06-2015   20:57
Hello Vera! Greetings from Finland.Good luck for your next challenges! Vera,you are so sweet.
Гоша (Moscow) 02-06-2015   10:42
Верочка ,Скажите когда вновь будете выступать на турнирах,Спасибо большое.
Ждем ответа.
carlo (trieste) 18-05-2015   13:32
ciao Vera
When you think back to playing?
a bore this circuit Wta!!!!!
Escote (Pacific Northwest) 10-05-2015   09:21
Fantasies often turn into reality usually preceded by a nightmare. God places restrictions. You can only choose 1 fantasy. Choose wisely!
Always your friend,
Edward (Minocqua WI) 05-05-2015   04:52
Hi Vera, we stayed 2x at a condo at the racquet club in Scottsdale. It has your autographed picture on the wall. Since then my wife and I have admired your accomplishments. All the best to you during 2015 and beyond!
llagme (Grenoble 38100 France) 02-05-2015   18:33
Hi will you pla?e at Rolland this year ?
Juan Fernando Lago Tola (Moscow) 30-04-2015   16:20
Hello Vera, i?m in Mododievo aerootel in Moscow. send me someone to expand the visa. please. expire at 5 may. And go home . thank you. My room is 217. Waiting you mail. Kisses
Алексей (Москва) 29-04-2015   11:32
Вера желаю набрать тебе снова прежнюю форму и попасть в топ-30
Игорь (Москва) 29-04-2015   09:52
Вера! Добрый день!

Подскажите Ваш график выступлений, на грунте и траве.Спасибо!
Reto (Switzerland) 27-04-2015   19:52
Hi Vera

I am a fan too....i play tennis myselfes and i know how hard is to return in high level.
What is your next tournament and where?
I was in stuttgart and saw Maria and Ekaterina...great played....reto from zurich
J Molascon (Madison, South Dakota USA) 25-04-2015   19:10
I am a fan. Anyone interested too, please email me

Thank everyone.
Alexander (Frankfurt, Germany) 18-04-2015   10:33
Hi Vera!
It`s Fed Cup time now...
Wish you good luck, but I cheer for our German Girls, sorry!
carlo (trieste) 08-04-2015   20:50
ciao Vera
i see you against Klara.
Yet slow and heavy in the movements, very fearful for the shoulder.
You need time
Soon you will return to high levels.

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