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Сергей Шаталов (Ижевск, Россия) 23-09-2006   10:14
Вера, поправляйся!
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 23-09-2006   10:09
Get well soon Vera
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 23-09-2006   03:33
Upper respiratory illness is a term that can cover anything from a cold to the flu.

Vera is not one to retire over something trivial, so I`m guessing she was suffering from something more like the flu. Altho` a really severe cold can wreak havoc on your system as well.

Vera, I see your wrist is still taped. I hope that is just preventative, and that you do not still have a sprain?!?

Get well soon, Vera.

If you are still going, Good Luck in Guangzhou!!
Andrew Broad (England) 23-09-2006   01:56
An upper respiratory illness affects the nose, sini, pharynx or larynx. So it entails things like coughing, a sore throat or a runny nose.

Get well soon Vera! And since I haven`t signed this guestbook before, I just want to say that I am an eternal fan, I love the way you hit the ball, I have a deep appreciation of your tennis-qualities, and I think you`re absolutely wonderful.

I just wish I had time to learn Russian so that I could read all the entries here.
Nick (England) 23-09-2006   00:35
Aeilko (Groningen)
To my knowledge, and i may be very wrong, but i think upper respiatory illness is just another word for heat exhaustion! If you play in stupidly hot weather for a number of days, it can effect your body in a bad way and can leave you totally exhausted. I maybe totally wrong with that explanation and feel free to correct me Vera, if im wrong!
wallace (Good old Germany) 22-09-2006   23:31
Get well soon Vera.
Aeilko (Groningen) 22-09-2006   23:27
To be honest, I don`t even know what upper respiratory illnes means (my English is reasonable good, but descriptions of illnesses and landscapes are a bit beyond me). I hope it`s nothing.

Tomorrow the Chess World Championships starts! Will you, Vera, being a Russian, follow that too? Kramnik vs Topalov. Should be one hell of a match!
Nick (England) 22-09-2006   20:35
Sorry to hear you had to pull out of the doubles match Vera, i see the reason is being listed as upper respiratory illness. Was it just incredibly hot out there?

Hope your ok now though!
Dylan (Milw) 22-09-2006   17:25
Go Vera! what is your next tourney Moscow?
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 21-09-2006   10:50
Nice victory in doubles with Shuai.
I hope you can win the doubles tournament

Robert (Vienna) 19-09-2006   10:10
Vera, we all know youґre a very emotional person, but please try not to bring yourself down so much like you did yesterday on days when you donґt play your best tennis, itґs so hard to see you like that on court and I guess, it keeps you from the chance to find a way back into the match.
I hope you are already over the loss. Good luck in the doubles with your new partner!
Сергей Шаталов (Ижевск, Россия) 19-09-2006   00:43
Ладно, турнир, в общем-то, не бог весть какой важный, главное - удачно выступить в залах в Европе, особенно на Кремле. Постараюсь бросить все дела, взять мини-отпуск и приехать на турнир, если Вера будет играть, конечно:)
Nick (England) 18-09-2006   19:38
Unfortunately, it was a very tough 1st round draw! Sun is a talented girl and very much on the rise right now and its a big boost to her when she knows the entire crowd will be supporting her!

Better luck next time Vera!

Not pleased with the pics that ive seen from the match though!
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 18-09-2006   18:41

Vera please don`t cry, i hope you have more luck in doubles
Leaburn (Москва) 18-09-2006   18:28
Обидно Но не будем сильно расстраиваться...

Вера, привет ! Очень рад, что ты выступишь на Кубке Кремля.
А до Москвы планируешь ещё где-нибудь сыграть или нет ?
Сергей Шаталов (Ижевск, Россия) 18-09-2006   16:58
Н-да уж, как же так, Вера....с 2:0 получить 2:6:(((
Nick (England) 18-09-2006   15:43

The match is just starting now, i obvioulsy hope im wrong and its an easy stroll for Vera but i fear she may have to work for the win!
malcolm (LONDON england) 18-09-2006   13:47
good luck for 2day match vera
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 18-09-2006   10:54
VERA can beat evrey WTA GIRL!!!

VERA is playing the 4. match today 19.00 Uhr
Nick (England) 18-09-2006   02:07
I wouldnt be quite that confident kevin, Tiantian Sun is a very talented girl. She will create alot of problems for Vera and she will need to play well to beat her. Also, with her being Chinese is an added reason why she`ll want to play well! Its gonna be a tough match.

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