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Lauren (Alabama) 17-12-2017   11:42
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Sarah Mat (New York) 17-12-2017   09:58
Today I`m so happy because of what Dr Miracle has done to my life. his spell is so great and fast, i have never really see a helpful man like him, he solved my problem i didn`t expect, i came across him on face book people talking about his great spell work, i collected his contact and contacted him he responded immediately and ask about my problem i explain to him with tears, he told me contacting him i should not be worried my husband will come back to me as far i still love him, i was amaze. Immediately i ask what will i do to get my husband back, he gave me instructions and ask for his name and picture which immediately i obey and follow, he promise me two days my husband will call me to believe about his work, Honestly speaking my husband called but i miss his calls i was so happy. He promise me my husband will come back home within 48 hour and i should open my hearth and work with him which i did. Today my family is back again with the help of Dr Miracle, has bring back my husband after he left me for another woman in other state, you know how it feels when you loose your loved husband for another woman, you do anything to get him back. today i promise to share and tell the world about his great work because I`m so happy today. contact Him If You Need His Help Too, Ignore if You Don`t. Thanks Dr Miracle,,"CONTACT Via Email,,,(( MIRACLESPELLHOME@YAHOO.COM ))
caroline grilli (florida) 17-12-2017   03:51
Good day everybody my name is Mrs Caroline Gilli am here to share with you my life experience how a great man called Dr Alexzander saved me and my marriage.I have been Married & Barren for for 5 years i had no child. i have never been pregnant i was a subject of laughter from my Friends & neighbors, i almost lost my marriage because of this issue.i was so confused that i did not know what to do until i came across this great Dr online and i contacted him at once i was scared weather it was going to work because i never believed things like this before, so i decided to give it a try and i did all what Dr Alexzander asked of me and today to my greatest surprise i took in the first time and i gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and now my marriage that was about crashing before is now restored. my husband now love and want me better, Am so happy for everything that have been happening my life since i met this Dr Alexzander.
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Thank Dr Alexzander for everything you did in my marriage.
Caroline Grilli
joy (usa) 17-12-2017   00:38
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Fel (Москва) 07-11-2017   21:29
К сожалению, "невежда" это я - очень жаль!..
Fel (Москва) 05-11-2017   21:37
Извини -ты ведёшь 2:0 - но это было давно - сейчас она котируется чуть выше тебя - накажи невежд...
Fel (Москва) 05-11-2017   13:16
Прекрасно, ты с Яниной ещё не встречалась? - она может сюрприз преподнести, так что на полном серьёзе с первого и до последнего мяча играй свою игру - опережай! (может рваный ритм?!..) - УСПЕХА!!!
Fel (Москва) 30-10-2017   11:07
Да, неплохо бы добавить очков к рейтингу - и поболе! но вот практики маловато и перерывы большие - тем паче надо подготовиться по максимуму - УСПЕХА!!!
Fel (Москва) 21-10-2017   15:19
Странный вышел "Кубок Кремля" - ажиотажа было много, а толку мало!..
haidar (riyadh) 13-10-2017   17:37
please Vera or anybody responsible for the website , keep us updated about plans ,next event, etc...thank you
Fel (Москва) 10-10-2017   21:33
Ты будешь на "Кубке Кремля"?! - многое зависит от сетки и от тебя... УСПЕХА!!!
Scott (Laurys Station) 09-10-2017   01:55
I apologize to you. I have discovered that you are in the main draw in Hong Kong without having had to qualify. Good luck & good tennis!
Scott (Lehigh Valley, PA) 08-10-2017   11:01
Yes, it`s me again. The same idiot who has clouded up your website for years. Will you play or qualify at The Kremlin Cup? With you connections maybe a wildcard is in place? I hope your string of retirements is not due to a nagging injury. God Bless!
Scott (Lehigh Valley, PA) 08-10-2017   10:52
Immaculate since and including The U.S. Open. This week nowhere to be found? Will you play or qualify at The Kremlin Cup? If you didn`t play there last year it`s worth your expenses for the money you may make and the points you can acculate. God Bless!
Fel (Москва) 29-09-2017   20:04
К сожалению не видел ни игры с Крунич, ни с Бондаренко - конечно жаль проигрыша Бондаренко, но здорово что выиграла у Крунич - может войдёшь во вторую сотню рейтинга?! и надо продолжать играть - закрепить и увеличить достигнутое!! У тебя новый тренер?? Всего доброго!!!
haidar (riyadh) 29-09-2017   12:20
thank you, thank you, thank you Vera from your Arab fans. you are the most beautiful, charismatic and elegant tennis player.
to me personally ,your performance in 2010 usopen was very inspiring. a special thank you for that.
your comeback is a great pleasure. please stay as long as you can.
Fel (Москва) 27-09-2017   11:14
Учти: Крунич - это тебе не Парментье! УСПЕХА!!!
Fel (Москва) 25-09-2017   16:51
С выходом во второй круг, хорошо что поменяла рисунок игры после первого сэта - она стала чаще ошибаться - а Парментье тоже могет, так что играть на полном серьёзе - УСПЕХА!!!
Fel (Москва) 24-09-2017   11:34
С выходом в основную сетку - но она не будет лёгкой - так что готовтесь к очередным боям!! УСПЕХА!!!
Fel (Москва) 17-09-2017   14:15
Информация по Гуангжоу не подтвердилась - ну что-ж, по мере возможности. Всего доброго!..

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