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wallace (Near Dortmund) 03-08-2006   17:44
Vera good luck today against Maria S. Try your best. And nice comeback against Peng in the second set.
Valeria Solovieva (Saratov) 02-08-2006   05:56
Ejhe raz privet!
Zabila peredat privet ot moego papi!
Y menia poyavilsia novii sait
Bydet vremia mojet posmotresh???
Valeria Solovieva (Saratov) 02-08-2006   05:37
Privet Vera!
Nadeus ti menia ejhe ne zabila
Eto ia,Lera!!!
chadofzion (glendale) 02-08-2006   00:49
Vera, my feelings for you are as deep as the abyss
wallace (Near Dortmund) 29-07-2006   15:31
Dont be too disappointed Vera. You will get another chance to beat Kim for sure. Thanks for the enjoying past weeks and keep up the good work.
Сирен (РТ, г.Менделеевск) 28-07-2006   11:46
Верочка молодец !!! С победой..
Дальнейших успехов.................
Fluppe Laemont (gent belgium) 28-07-2006   01:46
Congrats Vera with your huge performances these last weeks. Good luck against clijsters! Just believe in your chances and you can beat her!!! I should be very happy with a win tomorrow. Go for it babe!!!
Kana (Almaty) 27-07-2006   00:18
Вера поздравляю !!! Желаю удачи во втором круге
Арно (Эстония) 26-07-2006   23:28
Вот вам и ответ на вопрос - падает ли снаряд в одну и ту же воронку два раза? Вновь повержена Среботник. Великолепный старт. Удачи Вера.
Muetzedesgrauens (Kronberg,Germany) 25-07-2006   15:00
Congratulations to your performance in Cincinnati.I couldn`t see the matches,but I see the results.Seems your on the way back to the Top 20,where you belong to. Stay healthy and believe in yourself. A little request,if I may:I`d like to see you and Jelena Dokic play doubles at the US Open.Why? My favourite players,the two most amazing women on the Tour together on the court-that would be a bliss for me to see.I had the pleasure to see Jelena live in Darmstadt last week,but I don`t think,she likes to play qualifications of an ITF-Tournament.She seems to need some help(No. 600,that can`t be true)So please come together(if you like her,of course) and make me a happy man.Thank you for listening to my sorrows. Best Regards,liebe GrьЯe von Muetzedesgrauens
нек То WPBB... (Ижевск) 25-07-2006   12:33
Кстати, судя по фотографиям, Вера сейчас не только прекрасно играет, но и замечательно выглядит внешне...:)
Robert (Vienna) 25-07-2006   09:31
Congrats on your fifth singles title! Great to see you playing that good and enjoying your time on court! Good luck for Stanford!
Dylan (milwaukee) 25-07-2006   00:32
Yes another title for my fave Bepa
некТо WPBB... (Izhevsk (Russia)) 24-07-2006   18:23
Отлично, я оказался провидцем...Победа просто фантастическая, жаль, что этого почти никто в России не видел...
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA - USA) 24-07-2006   04:45
CONGRATULATIONS, VERA, ON A GREAT VICTORY AND A FINE TOURNAMENT!! I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing! You have broken thru the one-title-a-year barrier, and a slam victory is in sight.

Best of luck for next week at Stanford!!
Lotus79 (Deventer (Holland)) 24-07-2006   00:04
Great job, Vera. Keep up the good work and you`ll back in the top 10 very soon
Арно (Эстония) 23-07-2006   23:12
Вера, с пятой победой вас на турнирах WTA в одиночном разряде.
Nick (England) 23-07-2006   22:49
Yeah, well done Vera, you totally deserved it! Played great tennis all week and im one VERY happy fan right now!

wallace (Near Dortmund) 23-07-2006   22:24
Congrats for your 5th title Vera. I am so happy for you.
Red Baron (London) 23-07-2006   20:46
What a wonderful result against Serena Another great tournament for you in Cincinatti. All the best for the final. So good to see you back to your best.

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