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Nick (England) 01-09-2006   22:59
Sorry to hear about the mixed doubles result! I thought it was unfair to make Andy play again on the same day!

Good luck against Elena, show her your back!
Kevin (Northeim , Germany) 01-09-2006   17:33
Hey Vera,

Good Match!! Jill had no chance ;-)

I hope Eurosport show your Match against Elena!!
VERA - please win for me
Ал Forumnoj (Москва) 01-09-2006   10:54
Поздравляю со второй победой на USO!
Удачи и концентрации в матче с Леной!
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 01-09-2006   10:37
Good luck, Vera!!
isabelle (Brussels) 01-09-2006   08:32
Hey Vera,

How are you?
Congratulation for your victory today in single.
Have you seen the picture on the cd that i gave you after your first round, monday??? Did you like it?
Nick (England) 01-09-2006   00:58
Good win against Jill, Vera. It looked like it was abit of a struggle! Bring on Elena!

2 down 5 to go!
Aeilko (Groningen) 01-09-2006   00:54
Visited the website of the US-open and "saw" you win against Jill. Congratulations! My best wishes for the match against Yelena. Go for it girl!
Alexey (Mocква) 31-08-2006   17:07
Привет Вера,

По сообщению официального сайта турнира Кубок Кремля к настоящему моменту свое участие на турнире подтвердили российские теннисистки: Мария Шарапова, Елена Дементьева, Надежда Петрова, Светлана Кузнецова, Анастасия Мыскина, Динара Сафина, Мария Кириленко, Анна Чакветадзе и Елена Лиховцева.
Тебя почему-то в этом списке нет. У меня такой вопрос:
Будешь ли ты участвовать в московском турнире, если нет, то почему?
Red Baron (London) 30-08-2006   15:29
Hey Vera,
Good luck against Jill in round 2. You`re due a good run in a slam, let`s hope it`s this one Best wishes from England.
Dimon (Moscow) 29-08-2006   21:09
Привет, Вера ! Поздравляю с удачным стартом...
Сколько планируешь сыграть турниров до конца года и какой будет после ЮС Опен ?
Kevin (Germany) 29-08-2006   11:04
Hey Vera,

Nice win over Marta.
Good luck for your Match against Craybas.


1000 Kisses
Aeilko (Groningen) 29-08-2006   00:23
Hi Vera,

Don`t know if you will read all this during the US-open but I`d like to congratulate you too on reaching the 2nd round! At least it was in straight sets while your countrywoman Kuznetsova is now playing a third set.

My best wishes for the next round. Enjoy!
Арно (Эстония) 28-08-2006   22:50
С победой!
Nick (England) 28-08-2006   22:45
Good opening win Vera, it was tougher than i thought it would be. Then again, i expect you prefer a decent match over a 6/0 6/0 when getting into a tournament.

Good stuff though! 1 down 6 to go!
Nick (England) 28-08-2006   12:31
Yeah, to repeat everything everyones saying good luck Today against Marta Domachowska, show her the tennis that makes us all rate you so highly!
Sam Kramer (Elma, IA) 28-08-2006   05:25
бр. Варфоломей (Ural Mountains) 28-08-2006   03:34
Дорогая Вера! От всей души желаю тебе успеха и больших побед на предстоящем турнире! Я всегда болею за тебя и только за тебя.
wallace (Near Dortmund) 27-08-2006   23:42
Vera i wish you all the best for the US Open 2006. Show us some good tennis. And stay always positive.
Nick (England) 27-08-2006   13:32
Vera is now seeded due to the withdrawl of Venus. She now takes Venus` place in the draw and will now play Dementieva 3rd round. Time for a spot of revenge for the last time you met at the US Open.
Fabian (Freiburg,Germany) 24-08-2006   22:03
Hey Vera!

Good luck in doubles at New Haven and in New York. I hope you will have very good results. You are a great player and you can reach a lot at this tournaments. I hope u will meet Hingis at the US Open and make a good revance for the Australian Open! :-) I`m sure that you can win against Hingis.

A little question to u: What is your opinion about Venus Williams? Because she`s my absolut favourite with you :-)

Bye and good luck to you in your future, you have always my support, your big fan Fabian! :-)

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