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04-12-2006 Sunday, Dec.3

Hello everyone! Hope all is well with you.

Today is Sunday and it means its my day off :) I was practicing or doing fitness or both every day this week and got pretty tired. Especially yesterday, on Saturday, I had a really tough workout and I was happy about my day off today :)

Even though my first week back was pretty tough and busy I had fun :) But today I did nothing.... :) I was just laying on my sofa and watching dvds...I also went for a car ride...Thats pretty much it for my Sunday... I\\\\`ll see u next week :) Next weekend I\\\\`m planning to do some more fun, maybe :)

Bye bye

01-12-2006 Thursday, Nov.30


I told you yesterday, that today I was planning to hit for the first time since my break....and I did :) It was fun, even though it felt a little weird, like i took the racket for the first time in my life. It was also tough cause I felt really sore in my legs after my workouts over the last few days. I\\`m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I\\`m in Tampa right now with my coach Sam and another player Meilen Tu. I\\`m planning to play a little bit of tennis tomorrow morning as well, I hope I\\`m not to tired :) Weather was pretty nice last few days, hope it stays like this.

Ok, i\\`ll see in couple days,
29-11-2006 Wednesday, Nov.29

Hi everyone!

I promised last time I was going to tell you a little bit about my vacation and here I`m :) I dont really know where to start, but ill try to start from the beginning. As soon as I finished my season in Hasselt I went straight back home to Moscow. I spent all my vacation time overthere, but it was really nice. Even though I wanted to go somewhere to relax on the beach (I even reserved tickets to Jamaica) I`m not upset that I didnt...its just while I was at home I realised I`m not ready to go on the plane and leave my new apartment (i moved in a new place 6 month ago)....so I stayed :) It was really exiting, cause I finally got the chance to spend some time with my friends and go snowboarding, ice skating and rollerblading, which I didnt do in yeeeeeeeeears... I`m not kidding :)

Also my mom was cooking for me and it was great too. I love her food! I would love to cook ike her, but it really tough for me to learn while I`m travelling so much. I also have a cat at home, his name is Jan (or Jean in French) and he is cute :) He was white when he was little and he is brown :)

Ok guys, Ill come back tomorrow or aftertomorrow and tell you a little more. By the way tomorrow is the first time i`m planning to go on the court since my break :)

Bye bye

29-11-2006 First Blog

Hello everyone :)
I hope you all are doing well. I decided to write this blog, cause I thought it might be something entertaining to read about for you guys...but if not, you`ll just let me know :)
I wanna write this blog during the off-season and if it happens to be enteresting to you, ill try to keep up with the diary during the season.
Well, I`m in Tampa right now. I arrived here on Sunday and I started doing fitness on Monday. I`m planning to hit on Thursday for the first time. it will be fun :)
I gotta run now, but ill be back tomorrow and I`ll tell you a little bit more about my vacation and my day:)

See u soon,

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