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06-04-2007 In Charleston now

Hello everyone!

Today I arrived in Charleston from Amelia. I was driving about 3.5 hours, not so long :). But I took much bags, and was difficult put it on the car. I don’t represent how I will fly in Moscow with this luggage? I have internet in the hotel and I can write my diary! But now is 9 o’clock pm and I want to sleep. Verochka Dushevina gave me Russian old film about the war and I think that I will see it now. For a long time I don’t see the Russian films.

And still I read today different sport news and casually I seen that Dinarka (Safina) will not play Fedcup, and the last number of our team will be Lena Vesnina. There was wrote that I have a virus infection and it’s the reason that I will not playing Fedcup. It was surprise for me, because I haven’t the virus infection, I wrote about this early, I had a problem with asthma. Now I recover my health and I have a plan to play in Charleston. I did’t get the invitation from Russian team.

So… I haven’t now any news:)
See you!

04-04-2007 From Amelia

Hello everyone!

Hope all is well and all happy in this spring.
Now I am being in Amelia Island. Unfortunately I had to be taken off from the tournament. In Miami I had a problem with astma and I didn’t have a chance to restored to Amelia Island and I must missed this tournament. But nothing bad, to me prescribe a effect medicine and I felt myself better now! So I will have a plan to go to Charleston on Thursday and to begin to practice.

I heard yet, that in Moscow now very fine spring weather, and I want a a weather was not spoilt when I arrived !

See you, next meet!

18-02-2007 Home Again !!!

Hello everyone!

At last I have come back home and I have a chance to write you something!!! I don’t know how to begin, for a long time I wasn’t here:-( First I wish to tell, that I have come back home today (18 February) and I will have a rest 5 days most likely! I think, I must to force myself to lie on a sofa all these days and to be bored for a while:-( I ‘m not sure, that I had time something to write here, but I was ill a cold in Australia and cough does not stop till now. I think cough also becomes aggravated, because I was training and playing all time before this. So I want to treat all of this at home :-) It is my plan for this week!!! But I also have damaged a back in Belgium, and I bandage all my back last 4 days, really to play with this pain very hard. So I will treat my back too.

I was first time on the tournament in Antwerp and it was great :) But the courts was lilac colour and it was very hard for my eyes. But, the Belgian chocolate was everywhere. To eat how many you want!!! Very tasty :) But before the matches you can’t to eat a lot of it.:) Still we lived in hotel in the center and there too very much it was pleasant to me, all time it was smell which were on sale through road!

Well I want to sleep, can be I will be here tomorrow.
See you

25-01-2007 Arrival to Japan

Hi everyone!

At last I got an opportunity to access the internet. For the last three weeks I had no chances even to check my e-mail. There are always huge lines in the Players Lounge, especially during the Grand Slams, and in the hotel I usually want just to rest and to do nothing:) So I write you as soon as I can:)

This morning I’ve arrived to Tokyo. The flight took 11 hours with landing in Sydney. Not so long but anyway I consider myself very tired. Perhaps it’s because I’ve got a little illness in Melbourne and the last 4 days I had a strong cough. But I hope I’ll get well as soon as possible!!! I have never played this tournament in Tokyo, so it will be interesting for me to play here for the first time. I like Japan despite I like other Asian countries not very much. I still suffer a little with my wrist, so the last day in Australia I was forced to visit a few doctors and collect some advices. But I hope everything will be fine!!!

Generally, this year I didn’t manage to get out to Melbourne downtown, every day was occupied with practice and matches:( But that’s even good:) Despite of everything I got to the 4th round, last year at Grand Slams I couldn’t get further than the 3rd, so I’m satisfied:) But still I have much to work upon… As usual:) But that is even more interesting:)

Now it’s already 8 p.m. here and I am sleepy, so I’m going to read a little and fall asleep:)
See you soon:) Bye…


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