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31-01-2008 The couple of weeks at home!!!
Good evening!

At last I reached to my diary!!!
Now I am staying in Moscow! Unfortunately in Australia I failed to play… :( The injury was too serious for performance, but now it’s already better. I arrived from Melbourne to Moscow right away and in this moment I am curing. At the beginning of the week I will try to train not much and after this was most understand when I could to come back to the court.
Thank you very much for your messages and your support after Australian tournaments. Your support is always helping me. I know that my fans always with me and it inspire (even if I not often write on my diary and answer on your questions (sorry), but i am always read your letters. :) ).
During last week I have been doing many things for my injury rehabilitation and also I sited couple examinations on Academy. So week was very tough. But I’m a glad, I am at home, in Moscow and when I go back every day in the evening I can watch TV on Russian language. But only weather hope not such wet and it would be absolutely amazing.

See you soon,
Embrace all,

06-01-2008 Happy New Year!
Hello everyone already in a New 2008 year!
Certainly in the first place I want to congratulate all with already beginning New Year!
Wish you success, health and much joy!!!
Now I stay in Hobart. This small town is located on the island Tasmania to the south-east of Australia. There is always a strong wind and, to put it mildly, not in the least a tennis weather. But this tournament was in wta calendar from year to year, so I have to get accustomed by this weather conditions as far as possible!
Last week I played my first tournament in a new season in Auckland ( New Zealand). Unfortunately I lost in the quarterfinal. The match was a tough, I hit the ball bad, very unstable. But I strived how I can to do it…. had sometimes a bad luck days… however hard you may try - the ball not want hit to in…. But that is honest I will be not strong upset, because it\`s all the same I’m glad that I could spend 3 matches in Auckland. Before the tournament I had a doubt – can I played here because my injury. All of my season preparation is not good because I had injuries( the first normal training I prepared already in Auckland) Now I hope that all will be ok and I will be able to play in Hobart. Unfortunately I can’t still practice on 100 % and it’s very disappointment condition… Because I want to take the racket and to get some pleasure of a good traning, not thinking about each motion, that you can do. But while now I can’t to allow me it. And I will fighting with injuries and I try to give all one has got, on 100 % in each match. Tomorrow I will have to play my first match on the tournament against Olya Poutchkova… now is many Russians players and often we play face to face… hope that our match will be interesting. At least I will to do one\`s best.

Embrace you,

02-12-2007 New season will be soon

Hello everybody!
Hope all is well with you!
I can’t even believe that it’s so long time since my last entry in the diary! The time has flown so quickly and I can’t believe that I’ve already begun training and preparing for the new season. YES! Now I’m in Tampa, at the same place as in the past year with my coach Sam and Meilen Tu.
Though I missed 4 months because of the injury I consider this season was sufficiently lucky and saturated. I’ve played a good number of the matches and had a good deal of excellent victories. Of course, you always want at most and nobody likes to loose but nevertheless I tried my 100 % in every match. It didn’t always turn out but on the other hand I have an aim to aspire in the next season.
After Quebec I returned to my house, in Moscow, and spent all my vacations exactly here. Moscow is something special for me –here is my home, all my friends, family…

And so to spend time in Moscow not thinking of injury and tennis was very pleasant! By the way this summer I’ve entered the Russian Diplomatic Academy, so now when I return back home I need to attend all lectures. Don’t know if I will pass all the exams – however I have no time to attend all lectures but it’s not the main thing… The main is the knowledge that I’ve been getting here. There are great skillful professors in the Academy and a very friendly group, and so I will try not to fall behind!!!
But now as I’ve said I’m in Tampa. I arrived here the last Sunday and we’ve gradually begun our training process. .. For the most part we’re occupied with physical training, but since next week it’ll be more tennis. And the first tournament I’m going to participate in will be Auckland (New Zealand) as usual.

See you soon,
Take care of yourself,

P.S. Yesterday I supported for our boys in the Davis Cup. Unfortunately, Americans were up to the mark. It’s a pity sad.gif But we’ll defeat them in the future smile.gif Certainly!!!


13-10-2007 Again away from home
Hi everyone, hope all is well with u!

Well, I had a busy schedule last few weeks and didnt really get the chance to spend some time at home...During the Kremlin Cup I had to stay at the hotel, because of the Moscow traffic...But I enjoyed that tournament anyways! Its always nice to play at home, even though I didnt like the surface there at all :) It was really weird, but it is the same for everybody, so we all had to try our best no matter what :)

I just wanted to comment on my match against Dinara and why I didnt shake her hand. First of all I wasnt mad or anything like that and I think Dinara is very nice person. But I think its very unprofessional the way she acts toward her opponent during the matches.There is an etiquette between us, players, which may not be that noticible to the public. And I think Dinara didnt act right (and it wasnt a first time). You have to support yourself during the match (everyone does), but the question is how you do it....U can get mad, upset or happy, but you dont do it towards your opponents face. I think beauty of the game is not about who is going to scream c`mon louder - is about playing your best on the court. I think Dinara didnt respect me as an opponent yesterday, so I didnt see the reason to shake her hand.

But Im in Zurich now, getting ready for the next tournament,
Talk to you soon,

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